Building our Bright Future.

Education is the catalyst that underpins societal and community growth, as we export our culture and our graduates to the world.

Seeding Communities For Centuries Of Sustainable Growth.

With an annual student cohort of more than 2000 students, it would be easy for an organisation to lose sight of the broader impacts and value that a large academically- focused collective can deliver to the community. To this end, we pride ourselves in building a phenomenally vibrant culture, full of activities, positive change & top-down consideration for the safety, wellbeing and mental health of our staff, students, and industry partners.

NIET Group’s community building activities bring our culture to the wider world, whether through outreach programmes like Rhodes Rural Vision, or through generous community investment in areas close to our heart (like the Okey Dokey Tourism Initiative), our North Star is to permeate and spread our renowned and beloved company culture to reach evermore people – changing lives and touching the hearts of thousands across the globe.

Global Linkages Programme

Core to our mission is helping global communities, and through out global linkages program we deliver graduates into practical placement in disadvantaged areas across the world.

OKD Tourism Initiative

In a post-covid world, Australia’s tourism sector has suffered; through the Okey Dokey tourism initiative we’re developing a chain of small local venues to employ dozens of local hospitality veterans.

Sustainability Taskforce

We only have one planet, and it’s critical we look after it. Our sustainability taskforce is integrated at every level of the organisation to reduce waste, from academic, to IT, student experience to facilities.

Rhodes Rural Vision

A program designed to enable small businesses in rural communities, to grow skills and expand possibilities. The rural vision initiative brings global leadership and change management to the small stage.

Vibrant Youth Initiative

We set out to engage groups of young individuals from across the world -and at home- to host engaging, authentic and fun study tours that broaden the mind and connect young people to new experiences.

Multicultural Programme

Through Rhodes, we actively participate in the Lord Mayor’s Multicultural programme, an initiative to provide migrants with skill-building programmes to elevate their business or career.