Our Vision

Building a Vibrant Community.

As we look to 2030 and beyond, NIET Group continues to implement a paradigm shift in the vocational sector, changing the language of education & re-emphasising the value of our student growth, and strategic capture of domestic & international market share.


Market Leaders

NIET Group is an education collective with a combined 150 years of history, singularly focused on continual growth within the international education sector. Our mission is founded on the principles of market leadership & product innovation, towards the continual creation of greater shareholder value.

A Unique Product.

Each of our colleges offers a unique education product targeted at a segment of individuals looking for a best-fit qualification solution with the perfect balance of price, quality & complement of career development options and academic pathways. Whether a student is after low-touch, streamlined study, seeking the perfect study/lifestyle fit, or interested in a university packaged diploma & degree, NIET Group’s colleges offer nationally recognised qualifications that meet that demand.

Reciprocating Lifecycle.

College dependent, we deliver learning that stimulates, challenges and fulfils the potential of excellent students from around the world, leading to meaningful careers and profound contributions to society. NIET Group has delivered 35,000 graduates to global industries, each anchored by our renowned, efficient & highly-optimised practical and theoretical training model. NIET Group’s institutional commitment to growth exists to create a reciprocal long-term cycle of skill improvement, and the formation of a lasting commercial bond between our colleges & graduates.


Successful graduates into industry.



Student satisfaction with our award-winning programmes.



Articulate to Australia’s biggest Universities.



Get great jobs in their field after graduating.

Pathways & Partnerships.

Our colleges offer a huge range of articulation options for students, plus we offer one of Australia’s broadest range of CoE Packages. Through our Charlton Brown UniTrack™️ Programme, we also offer a large selection of CoE packaging options with major institutions like Macleay & the University of Tasmania. Each faculty offers a range of options for credit transfer, articulation & packaging, enabling our graduates to study under one VISA, and reduce the cost and time involved in attaining a degree.

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NIET Group Partners


A Vision of Excellence.

Crafting a culture of continuous improvement, ongoing development & cultural growth, towards excellence in academic experience.

NIET Group was founded on a vision to develop a large education group that offered students from across the world an adaptable product and an ideal study experience for their circumstances. To maintain our competitive edge, we have entwined our unrelenting drive for success with an unwavering commitment to quality and the improvement of the student experience.

Vision 2030 is NIET Group’s continuous improvement strategy, seeking to implement a multi-tiered education offering that outperforms Australia’s biggest colleges and higher-education leaders, creating more successful graduates and galvanising the success of our core business.

Vision 2030.

Evolving Growth

To achieve Vision 2030, NIET Group have implemented a feedback and improvement strategy within core processes at each level of the organisation, with real-time analytics and business intelligence technology creating a matrix of actionable Insight. Our team then develops this into real-world tangible improvements in student experience, education delivery & campus fit-out.

Vision 2030 is our executive driven initiative to bring training performance in line with NIET Group’s founding vision to build
a vibrant, lasting community.


Building our Bright Future.

With an annual student cohort of more than 2000 students, it would be easy for an organisation to lose sight of the broader impacts and value that a large academically- focused collective can deliver to the community. To this end, we pride ourselves in building a phenomenally vibrant culture, full of activities, positive change & top-down consideration for the safety, wellbeing and mental health of our staff, students, and industry partners.

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Industry Partnerships.

Evolving Growth

NIET Group staff provide assistance and support in developing cooperative partnerships between offshore education providers, state and federal government departments and private industries. What partnerships NIET Group can offer include Joint programs (delivered in australia and in your country), pathway/articulation arrangements, teacher training (delivered in australia and in your country), & study tours and internships.

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